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May 04, 2008



Being a Cassinga survivor I now and then feel offended by many postings, whenever I read what this racist writing and justifying the evils they committed in Cassinga, it make me more and more unsecure because I still remember a lot of my siblings who died that day. I was 15 years old and I still have this memoir with me, to say Cassinga was a military base and civilian were used to shields is uncalled for, absurd and unprofessional. Cassinga is about 250 km inside Angola or so, what justify the racist to go such far and commit atrocities and now they want to justify without mercy? We never forget Cassinga

Mike McWilliams

Cassinga was a military camp surrounded by trenches and bunkers and protected by 3 AA guns. "Lt" Verster was a sergeant and was convicted for terrorism and drug dealing. His words are self-serving and should not be credited with any worth.Many arms and much ammunition was destroyed at Cassinga and although there were regrettably some civilians there who were killed during the aerial bombardment and because they were used as human shields by the PLAN and SWAPO defenders, there was no doubt in the minds of both the UN and the Truth and Reconciliation Council that Cassinga was a legitimate military target.The reason why SWAPO maintain to this day that it was a refugee camp is that they were warned of the pending attack by the East German spy in the SADF, Dieter Gerhard that the attack was imminent, so Njoma moved the pesky Shipanga Faction from Zambia to Cassinga and had them conveniently killed, thus nullifying their threat to his leadership.

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