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March 05, 2008


Tim Abbott

Yes, Tourmarm, it is indeed! The first warship ever sunk by a submarine, the USS Housatonic was rammed by the CSS H. L. Hunley on Feb 17, 1864. The Housatonic was an Ossipee Class Steam screw sloop of war, named for the river that drains the western Massachusetts Berkshire towns and continues on through Western Connecticut to Long Island Sound.

Tour Marm

USS Housatonic?

Tim Abbott

Good guess, Jessica. I could see a Connecticut link to the Western Reserve, too, but alas this is not that vessel.

Jessica Oswalt

I'm thinking it might be the Western Reserve. It was one of the first ships to have steam power, but it also had sails since it was unknown at the time how coal was need to cross the Atlantic.

Tim Abbott

O.k., a couple of hints.

There is an historic first associated with this vessel.

The name of the ship will provide the Berkshire connection.

Terry Thornton

Greenman, These combination steam-sail ships are interesting, aren't they? I'm trying to make a connection between Commodore George Dewey and the Manila Bay battle 1898 which destroyed the Spanish Fleet. This is not Dewey's flagship, the Olympia -- but it could be either the Concord, the Petrel, or the Hugh McCulloch although the latter is technically not a navy ship but a Revenue Cutter pressed into service.

I'd imagine that none of my multiple choice answers are correct so do I qualify for additional hints? LOL!

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