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November 30, 2007


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Tim Abbott

That is the way it is pronounced. Thanks for considering it for your daughter. Tim


How do you pronounce Athalia? It looks to me like uh-THAY-lee-uh. If so, it's very pretty and I would certainly consider naming a daughter this.

Tim Abbott

Dear Athalia; And you have made my morning! I'll revisit my archives tonight to provide you with proper lines of descent, but we share William and Sarah (Pennypacker) Walker as our direct ancestors. I have photographs of both, scanned at home, which I will forward. This means we also have the Currie line through Margaret (Currie) Walker mother of William. In the archives of my blog, you can find some posts that relate to the Walker branches under the heading Olmsted Genealogy.

Margaret Currie Walker was my GGG Grandmother, and child of William and Sarah. She married John Owen Stearns.

Their daughter Mary Athalia Stearns married William Nisbet Olmsted.

Their daughter Margaret Stearns Olmsted married Archibald Gracie Ogden.

Their daughter Athalia Stearns Ogden married Robert Howard Barker

Their daughter (my mother) Elizabeth "Betsy" Gracie Barker married Donald Blanchard Abbott

Athalia Howell

In setting up my facebook page and looking for an appropriate image to use as my picture I found this blog...WOW. The hand colored photograph featured in this blog is hanging in my front hall. I too am named after Athalia LT Walker.

My GGG Grandparents were William and Sarah Walker...their 6th child was Mathias Pennypacker Walker who married Eliza Rambo (GG Grandparents).
Their oldest child..a daugher was my great grandmother..Anna Brodis Walker..who married James McFarland.
One of their 3 daughters was my grandmother...Emma McFarland who married my grandfather Sam Platt.
My dad was Richard E Platt of STL Mo.

I was always told I was named after my dad's favorite aunt..Aunt Thal. Aunt Thal was the 3rd child of Mathis PennyPacker Walker. She married Sam Kendal.

I confused by your connection (my siser Tacy and I discussed this prior ot the email and we might have messed the genology up).

We show William/Sara Walker had a 3rd child named Margaret Currie who married John Sterns.

However we also show (in our direct line) that William/Sara had our decent Mathias Pennypacker...who married Sara Rambo..thier 1st child was our great grandmther Anna Broadis..but thier 2nd child ws John O Sterns....

Not sure what line you came down.

You are so lucky to know so many Athalia's...I know none..that are living...I would love to have a Name connection...actaully I really like this connection.

My dad..now deceased shared many wonderful memories of summer in the Valley with ALL of his family...sound like you might live in the area.

You have made my evening...thank you...



I stumbled upon this blog by accident. My name is Lauren Athalia. I am the 4th generation Athalia in my family. I thought you might like to know the story of how my great grandmother was named Athalia. She was born July 4th, 1900 and her parents could not come up with a suitable name. So they called her "Baby". One day while Baby and her mother where home alone a hunter came by for a drink of water on a hot day. He saw my great grandmother and asked my great-great grandmother her name. And she said she didn’t have one yet. He asked if she would consider calling her Athalia after his late wife. If she did so he promised he would make it worth her while and he pressed a silver dollar into Baby's hand. She promised to write him once she talked it over with her husband, my great-great grandfather. They did name my great grandmother Athalia but my great-great grandmother was not allowed to write the gentleman from the north because it was improper for a married woman. A few years later she read in the paper that the man died and because he had no heir he left his millions of dollars to the state of Pennsylvania. All I know is that he was a doctor from Pennsylvania and he had no children. I've always wondered about the original Athalia and what might have happened if the rich Dr. knew his wife's name did live on. I wonder if there is any connection between our families.
- Lauren Athalia

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