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September 13, 2007



Found my way here via Dave Bonta at Via Negativa, and wanted to say that this post resonates for me a lot. We just brought in the last harvest of basil, too; our freezer is filled with pesto cubes...

Miss Chestnuts

I don't have any of the hybrid chestnuts, ashamed to say. Is the flavor thought to be close to the original?

I've been hoping that the Am. Ch. Foundation would produce a non-hybrid selection that is disease resistant, but that seems to be unlikely in my lifetime...

We had an "original" on our property that lived long enough to produce burrs (in fact it was Greenman Tim who pointed out to me that the burrs were chestnuts -- I had no idea!). But it succumbed to blight the season after we discovered the fruit.

A ripe pear in January sounds divine.


American/Chinese backcrosses from Alachua, Florida. Two trees, one more resistant than the other, but lots of nuts. I love them. Not the American Chestnut Foundation backcrosses, but for now they'll do.
Do you too have chestnuts?

And just after that the pears will start to fill the boxes I stack in the rootcellar (it came with the house), something like a winter Bartlett, but not. They last into the New Year, a real and juicy treat then.

Miss Chestnuts

After years of gardening, I've come to realize that my favorite crops are the ones I can eat in an unprocessed form long after the first frost: buttercup and acorn squash, brussel sprouts (send the kids out to pick 'em on Thanksgiving morning and forgot the string bean casserole), leeks, potatotes, onions, and garlic...

On the other hand, I'm almost done peeling and freezing my big old plum tomatoes. I just get giddy at the sight of my freezer filling up with all those bags that I'll dip into throughout the winter for sauce.

And by the way, Vertalio, what kind of chestnuts are you harvesting?


We moved into our house about 15 years ago, first frost that year on Sept 6. Last year it was in November. Take your time.
I'm making grape juice this weekend with an eye toward jelly later. Freezing corn on the cob. Starting to harvest the chestnuts soon, I hope, or we'll have even more squirrels.


nah, I wait until mid october. I still manage to get a 'mater or two (or five or six) out of the garden.

but I do need to make room for that garlic.

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