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August 29, 2007


Janice Brown

My distant cousin Noah Webster, the lexicographer, should be on the list. Noah was born in Hartford in 1758 and who died May 28, 1843 in New Haven.

Janice Brown


Oh, Christ, she's one of ours? I'm now convinced we need the "most notorious Nutmeg" category, 'cause otherwise I don't see Ms. Coulter's impact, influence and legacy in quite the same league as Colt.

Tour Marm

Ann Coulter!
(Take that you Nutmeg Liberals!)


Sherman is absolutely fair game, as is Arnold (and Ethan Allen, though Vermonters will howl). If I had set this up as "most notorious Nutmegs", I'm certain the list would feature Arnold, as well as some living candidates...


ah what the heck here goes..my Top Five

Mary Dixon Kies (first woman to get a patent in the US)
Liz Phair (because she's cool)
Ralph Nader (because he USED to be cool)
Benedict Arnold (or do you mean POSITIVE legacy?)
Roger Sherman (or is he not native? I know he had a residence in CT.. but the Freemason thing creeps me out)

~or maybe~
George Bush Jr (see Benedict Arnold comment.. I'm not sure if he's one of those Freemasons or not)

anyways, thats my top five... although I'm inclined to throw out Nader and put in Barnum. They're kind of birds of a feather, no? ;)


In the spirit of Bryn Mawr, I have to say Katharine Hepburn.

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