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April 12, 2007


Sissy Willis

Happy Belated, sir, and thanks for an endlessly fascinating blog. You are a oner. :-)


Happy birthday and best wishes for a great year, Tim. I'm a little late, but the thoughts are just as sincere as they would have been on time.


Thanks one and all for these well-wishes! Any day that is your birthday is a sunny one, whatever the weather may be doing.


Happy birthday Tim. In addition to Ganny, you share a birthday with Rachel Carson, who would have turned 100.

Martin Langeland

And the midwife rose up to observe the babe she carried by the light of the moon's wee glow and scowled.
"Another one," she muttered, "Born to cause trouble by asking why."

And a blessed day it was. I drink the sacrament to you, Lismore still. But as is said: Next year in Lagavulin!" ^_^


Happy Day! I hope your life in the next 39 years will be as full and productive (and fun, of course!)

Bill West

Happy Birthday, Tim!

Another coincidence! My sister Cheryl and our Aunt Emily both were born on
April 12th as well, but considerably earlier. I'll be posting about it as
soon as I find a picture she won't hate me for showing the world.

Al Mollitor

Happy birthday, Tim!

You were born at a tough time for America. I'm sure, at the time, most people thought things would be better by now. At least you're doing your part to make the world a little better.

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