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April 24, 2007



Colin - Yes, if harvesting and processing to USDA standards can be worked out locally. See my post on the mobile slaughterhouse idea that some folks here have been kicking around:


This area is prime for grass raised, corn finished livestock operations on family farms. It's what we did out here until the conversion from wool to dairy in the late 1800s besides shear sheep. Figure 2 acres/head on unirrigated land.

Marketting is the other factor. Beef, pork and mutton raised locally and naturally without growth hormones and factory farm conditions is very appealing, but except for direct to consumer sales from the farm, the real advantage will come from a marketting and distribution system that can tap the large, urban areas and not just Manhattanites up here for the weekend and those who drop by the farmstand.


Tim, any beef opportunities in an up-market, expensive, organic niche?

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