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April 29, 2007


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Air Jordans

It's so lucky for me to find your blog! I am very glad, and welcome you visit mine.

Tim Abbott

Maria, I am afraid all the information I have is captured in the above quotation from my Great Uncle Archibald G. Ogden's London For Everyone: An Informal Guide (1966) pg. 152. I should think you would be able to contact the folks in Fulton Mississippi to confirm whether your hanging judge is buried there. Best wishes, Tim


Im absolutely stunned to read that Judge Jeffreys remains were taken to Fulton with the stones of the ruined church and there reinterred. I havent ever read this version. All the biographers of Jeffreys prefer to think that all traces of his tomb were lost in the Blitz.

Please, if you have any details or proofs contact me. Im composing a book about the Judge and the truth is very much needed.


If you are interested in pub history, why not have a look at my web site lyndons-books.co.uk

You will see that there is a book called 'A Pub-Crawl Through Time' which inlcudes the history of all the old pubs in Congleton Cheshire and its surrounding areas. Full of old maps, amusing stories and many more interesting tit bits, all the money from the sales of my books goes to local charities. So far this book has made with its first and second edtions around £5000.
Have a look at some sample pages. There are now only around 150 copies left to buy.

Tony Turner

Thank you, sir, for your blog on my departed friend, Archie Ogden. A few us who chatted and imbibed with that lovable and witty man are still around.

Archie sort of took me under his wing when I was a naive youngster believing I would one day become a brilliant author. (It didn't happen -- I wasn't that good.)

I first met Archie in the Bluff's Bar in 1955 in Bay Head, New Jersey, just after I had been discharged from the army, and we both frequented the establishment over the next four years.

Archie and Betty attended my first wife's and my wedding in Bay Head two years later.

I was among the guests in their cabin on the HMS Mauritania in New York Harbor before it took them away to England in, I believe, 1959.

I would love to chat more with you about my recollections of Archie, if you are interested.

Tony Turner
Cobleskill, NY

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