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March 09, 2007


Louise Cook

Two comment threads:

One: I live in a rural area in southern Illinois with much the same issues -- we raise livestock and would love information about this concept. Please, PLEASE send me any contact info you have on this processing facility type.

Two: Vegans in general tend to generalize. I love animals. I love the planet. And I eat meat. Please do not moralize at me. People evolved to be omnivores, and I am not ashamed to be one.

Bea Elliott

Guess I'm an "extremist" of sorts too.... Animal agriculture is so unnecessary. Man exists quite fine without killing critters for "food". A plant based diet is healthier, better for the planet and certainly better for the animals. They are not ours to use for entertainment, clothing or food - For health & heart.... Go VEGAN!


Derek, I welcome divergent points of view at my blog but draw the line at inarticulate extremist ones.

derek lee pappas

For someone looking to live in litchfield county from boston and ny, bringing an ethical based buisness to future company to conneticut and also poss litchfield county it is greatly disearning to see the total disregard for values and ethics just for the short term dollar when in a greater growing vegetarian society, would deplore such evil; YOU WILL BE KNOWN AS THE KILL ME COUNTY, and in direct opposition to life. By doing this you show yourselves just as dark as demonic massachussetts courts in total disregard to values and ethics and an empty shell of what use to be a virtuous people, all for greed, and a extreamly poor example for childreen and generations to come, complete un evolved savages. you should never be under the titles of conservation/landtrust no disfferent for eviol developers on L.I and Govt sellouts who use nice sounding terms to commit evil.


The omnivore's paradox: we can love animals and we also eat animals. There are many humane as well as economic reasons to raise, process and consume livestock locally, a real example of how "small" can be beautiful. There are larger outfits that care deeply for their livestock too. A Montana Rancher I've gotten to know through his blog is like that. http://nowherethoughts.net/sarpysam/

Sissy Willis

Why do they have to taste so darned good? I want to believe with my all heart that "Animals suffer less stress and quality control is provided by on-site USDA inspectors who travel with the unit." We know it's possible for a humane society to raise food animals humanely and even lead them to the slaughter humanely ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_Grandin ):

Why do sausages have to be so delicious?

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