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March 13, 2007


Bill West

Years ago my high school loaded us up in buses and hauled my class up to Lynn Classical High School to see a presentation of `Macbeth'. I had read the play of course but never actually seen any of Shakespeare's plays performed. I'm sure by professional standards it wasn't a great production but I was hooked more by the words than the stage setting.

I also recall a series of the historical plays that the PBS station broadcast over some weeks back in the `60's. A BBC production, I think, but I've never seen it since.

And I agree. Nice post, Tim. Actually, TWO nice posts counting that followup!


My thanks for your kind words, Terry amd Sissy. I knew that undergraduate degree in English would stand me in good stead one of these days!

Sissy Willis

And Terry is right: A very nice post, indeed.

Sissy Willis

Shakespeare rules because he -- unlike the spawn of the Rousseau half of the Enlightenment -- understands human nature in all its devil/angel, red-in-tooth-and-claw glory. Well, that's what I think. :-)


That's me: dilettante-at-large. Or possibly a good advertisement for the benefits of a broad, liberal arts education.

Sometimes I like my Shakespeare straight up, and Olivier offers that brilliantly.

Terry Cowgill


Nice post. Is there anything you don't know much about?

I, too, like Polanski's Macbeth and used it several times in my classes in my former life as an English teacher. Am partial to Burton's Hamlet but thought Gibson's, with its heavy Oedipal overtones, bordered on dreadful.

Love Olivier's Othello and his Richard III but best of all, an old version of Midsummer Night's Dream that featured Jimmy Cagney as Bottom -- the ultimate ham ...

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