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March 15, 2007



So often there's a big gap between what should be and what is possible.

I was relieved to read in the Wikipedia article that the church is still functional. It would be sad indeed if its doors and the adjacent cemetery were locked permanently.


I grew up about 10 miles west of Elizabeth and Newark. Neither one is a place one would go to willingly. Hoboken and Jersey City (to an extent) have had a bit of a resurgence. Newark has been trying for years, but never seems to be able to break out of it's doldrums. Since crime is rampant in the area, Elizabeth is just a place you drive through on your way to the airport or Ikea.

The Tour Marm

This past July I was working with German exchange students and our base was the Hilton in Newark. Since I needed mobility, my company provided me with a car. (I'm from New York City and learned how to drive when I was Thirty!) I took the opportunity to explore some of the historic areas around Newark and Elizabeth for future tour possibilities.

It was pitiful to see how these sites were so badly neglected. New Jersey should make a concerted effort to restore and preserve them. Having immigrants see how poorly we treat our ancestors (especially a signer of the Declaration of Independence) and history give them no pride of place. How can we expect them to be respectful, if we're not?

Elizabeth is known as one of the largest container ports in the country - and world. That now is its claim to fame.

This must have been a bittersweet journey,

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