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February 28, 2007



More than OK, Tour Marm, and I would be quite honored. And thank you for offering these very considered thoughts on conservation constituencies. Sometimes the shades of gray offer more opportunites for learning from each other and making changes than the things we believe are certain.

The Tour Marm

To answer your question, yes, my friends still love me and whenever I am out that way on a business trip, I am invited to the homes of those with whom I had the discussion. I think I'm a novelty there!

But honestly, despite the Republican politicians, it is my observation that many 'red state' Republicans are either grass-root farmers/landowners or old money rather than the so-called greedy heads of corporations. People close to the land care more about the environment (and have a better understanding of its complexities) than the urban nouveau riche who have become a great deal of the problem because they have no real perspective. If you haven't had to live off the land or Ocean, you just don't get it.

The nouveau rich want organic farming, but that won't feed the world or keep prices down for the poor. They are against battery farms that are demonstrated to be a far more controlled environment than free-range, where chickens can be susceptible to avian flu. They want electricity to run their entire home, but not their car. They want to buy expensive jewelry but deny environmentally-friendly mine operators the right to set up in many third world nations where it would benefit the population. They want to live in the country and then proceed to encroach on it in crass townhouse and ticky-tacky McMansion developments that burden the environment. And they want the government to take responsibility for all of this by funding their excesses!

Conservation starts with each one of us. If we could use our brains, practice moderation, forgo conspicuous consumption....ah! but that impacts a free market society...

By-the-way, is it OK if I link to your site?


Sorry this one left you cold, FT, but you have completely missed my point. I do not suggest that Republican politians and their supporters in the last three decades have been anything like Earth friendly, but rather that they have abandoned their conservation roots. The Republicans for Environmental Protection link is entirely about making that point from their own perspective. The point of this post is not to claim who is greener but that both parties have legitimate reasons to be so as a mainstream issue. We are going to differ markedly on tactics but the interest in dealing with the conservation challenges is there, if latent, and I am determined to wake them up.


while I agree with MOST of your post... I beg to differ about Republicans being earth friendly. There may be a few instances of this, but the republicans of MY years (reagan, remember JAmes Watts? Bush 1 and 2...) are NOT. In fact, one could say Bush 2 is NOT EVEN CONSERVATIVE (certainly not FISCALLY, despite what Tony Snow says.. what's fiscally conservative about the war deficit?)

I think you need to take your red-tinted glasses off and take a hard look at what you write before you post. I've enjoyed all your entries but this one is WAY off.


Oh, well done! I hope your friend was secure enough in your friendship when you deftly turned the tables.

The Tour Marm

I was at an Oscars party two years ago at the home of a very famous Oscar-winning director. There were several Hollywood luminaries there and it was eventually announced by the friend who invited me that my political views were 180 degress from theirs.

A slew of questions and accusations followed and the topic turned to the environment vis a vis oil drilling in Alaska, big oil companies, and terrorism.

I pointed out the number of SUV's and Hummers in the driveway, the fact that none of them had 'green' homes that were powered by alternate sources of energy (and if there was surplus, they could donate the energy to the community), and that two of them had installed elevators from their homes to the beach in Malibu! In fact, some of their homes were built over the beach itself! (One has to duck under these homes an around septic lines etc. in order to walk whatever is left of the beach.

Many had homes built on a fault and embedded into hillsides and were upset with the wildlife (coyotes and snakes) in their backyards.

It was my opinion that they were the ones who were messing up the environment, against conservation, supporting big oil companies, and terrorism.

And all their posturing, public displays, and checkwriting, I simply exposed them as hypocrites.

The session ended when I was asked what kind of car I drove. I told them I didn't own a car, I took public transportation. My rental was a Neon.

There was silence.


*The link between Mind and Social / Environmental-Issues.*

The fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle of Industrial Society is causing exponential rise in psychological problems besides destroying the environment. All issues are interlinked. Our Minds cannot be peaceful when attention-spans are down to nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds. Our Minds cannot be peaceful if we destroy Nature.

*Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment.*

To read the complete article please follow either of these links :





Exhausting, isn't it? (pun intended, I was an English major for chrissake!)

Terry Cowgill


I agree that we all have an interest in not trashing the planet. it doesn't even make economic sense to do that in the long run.

As Steve points out on my blog, however, Gore and his Hollywood acolytes actually harm the environmental movement by unmasking themselves as hypocrites -- just as the chickenhawks in the Bush admin (who marched us to war but had "other priorities" when the draft was active in the 60s and 70s) have done harm to their policies.

I drive a little car, live in a modest home and never set my heat at higher than 65. But I don't have the $ to consume lots of energy for personal use and then buy an indulgence by investing in a clean energy company. Gore's attitude and the Hollywood types who fly around in private jets just pisses people off.

Sorry, end of rant (2nd one today)

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