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February 10, 2007


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Vanishing American

Tim, I just found your blog via a link from Boston 1775. I am another Abbott descendant. Small world.
Bill West, it looks as though we are kin also.

Interesting story on Timothy Abbott; I came across it in my own genealogy researches.


Thanks again for your kind words, Bill. I look forward to reading your family history as well. Interestingly, I have cousins named Esty related to Easty, sister of Rebbecca Towne Nurse.

And as for your submission for the caption contest, I am most delighted!

Bill West

The irony of it in my family is that when Benjamin's descendant Clara Ellingwood
married my great grandfather Philip Jonathan West she married into a family that
through Arvilla (E)Ames was descended from Mary Town Estey who was hung at Salem
and from Rebecca Blake who was tried and released. But I'm sure there were many
instances of that over the centuries since the Hysteria.

I hadn't known about Harriet Chandler Abbot(t)'s marriage to Rev.Dane.

I recently began blogging my genealogy and family history myself and I hope mine
will someday read as well and easily as yours.


Well it is good to meet a distant cousin and thanks for visiting! Benjamin Abbot(t) was an elder brother of my ancestor Nathaniel (who was 2 years old when Joseph was killed and Timothy captured. He would be my 9th great uncle if I've counted down the line on my fingures correctly. I've done a great deal of research on the Abbot(t)s of Andover and look forward to describing Benjamin Abbot(t)'s feud with his neighbor, Martha Carrier, that lead to him testifying at her trial for witchcraft at which which she was condemned and subsequently hanged. Through a New England branch of my mother's line I also have relatives in Salem (Rebecca Nurse in particular) and Andover who were involved in the hysteria. And of course our common ancestor, Hannah (Chandler) Abbot(t), remarried the Rev. Dane who had 10 members of his family accused of witchcraft.

Many thanks for your kind words and hope to see you here again.

Bill West

I saw J.L. Bell's citation of your site over at Boston 1775 and had
to check it out since I'm apparently descended from Benjamin Abbott
of Andover through my 4th great-grandmother Zerviah Abbott who married
John Ellingwood Jr.

I enjoyed the post on Joseph Abbott and look forward to reading more
of your blog.

Bill West

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