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January 20, 2007



Cool, Clyde. Thanks for the heads up!


I haven't played D&D in a couple of decades, when I adventured with some of the guys in the barracks in my Army days. Here's a link to something you might get a kick out of:

DM of the Rings

It's an online comic, with "The Lord of the Rings" told as if being played by D&D players, with screen grabs from the movies. Shamus updates it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and just about every time there's something that's laugh-out-loud funny to anyone who has ever played D&D.


Pam, I think you will enjoy your investment in Sylvian Hamiton. Thus far, one child is on the mend, another has the fever, and I probably require another day to be up and functional. A tot of grog supplied by my blessedly healthy spouse has gone down well.

Pam in Tucson

I sincerely hope you're faring better today. You have intrigued me with your tales and cost me dearly. Alas, our library has no Sylvian Hamilton. But I am always captivated by good historical novels, particularly those pertaining to the British Isles. Temptation has overcome me -- abebooks.com to the rescue and all three extant volumes are on their way to me. I understand No. 4 will be published posthumously. Drink more hot cider and perhaps a little grog tonight. May your Goode Wyfe minister softly to you. I hope she does not catch your ills, however. Good cheer to you all.

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