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November 20, 2006



Thanks, TH. As an English major of extremely modest mathematical ability, I am pleased to have arrived at a defensible sum by whatever means!

As for dollar coins, I'm all for 'em. They make going to Renaissance Faires and paying with the coin of the realm all the more satisfying. Just don't tell my neighbors.


Your math gets to the right result, but not because you have two children! A complete circulation run of the State Quarters is $25 face value, not because you want to display the reverse but because you need both Philadelphia and Denver mintages. Add the proofs from San Francisco and you get to $37.50 in face value, although you obvious have to tack on the numismatic value on to the cost of the proofs.

A run of the presidential dollar series, both Denver and Philadelphia, should produce 2X the number of presidents authorized to appear (or $86 if the series runs through Dubya). Add San Francisco, and you get 3X 43 or 129 coins (I think). Yes, it is more than the quarters, but still cheap for a hobby (especially numismatics, long known as the "hobby of kings").

The dollar coins *should* circulate. Europe has a two-Euro coin, and the the Pound coin is worth $1.90. They won't, though, until the government kills off the $1 greenback.

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