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November 23, 2006


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» The History Carnival's Annual Happy Holidays Party (as Reported by a Belligerent Lush) from Acephalous
The annual History Carnival Happy Holidays Party started with a bang. Someone had circled the twenty-third on the dry erase board and scribbled Scott's B-Day! underneath it. Then David Parker informed me of how special I could have been. Should [Read More]



I'm pleased you found this as fascinating a subject as I did. Judging from the regular procession of Google hits this post has received, despite their modern obscurity short snorters are of continued interest. I'd love to know what your students make of them.


This is incredibly interesting. I had never seen anything on this. I'm always looking for interesting facts or twists to engage students in connecting to a particular historical event. I believe this something I could use.

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