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October 01, 2006


Miss Chestnuts

My mistake Laura. I wish Sara Stein had a 3rd book out but I was referring to her first book which is just "Noah's Garden." Don't know why I added "restoring" to the title but that's incorrect.


I didn't realise that Sara Stein had a 3rd book out in her Noah's Garden series - I'll have to look for it.

Dan Trabue

As to my critical library list, I would include most of my Wendell Berry books, but especially, Fidelity, What Are People For?, Come Watch With Me and The Unsettling of America. And Hannah Coulter.

Also on the list might be sentimental favorites that are out of print, such as Living in Christian Community, by Art Gish.

I'd also include Payne Hollow, by Harlan Hubbard.

That'd be at least a starting point. Maybe Frankenstein, a personal fave.

Miss Chestnuts

Since You Asked -- A very few of the books with which I wouldn't part.

Reflections on Bullough's Pond (Diana Muir) - you will never look at the made landscape the same way again. A history of New England from pre-Colombian to the present.

Restoring Noah's Garden (Sarah Stein) - a guide to gardening less selfishly (i.e. do it for the birds).

The Art of Eating (MFK Fisher) - An American's life informed by food. Passages on life in Europe during WW2 are especially touching.

1491, New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus (Charles Mann) - it wasn't what we thought it was.

Practically anything by John McPhee.

And last, The Eternal Frontier. op cit.

Cheers Greenman.


Young Men and Fire is a harrowing tale, beautifully told. Even though you know that most of the men working the fire that day were doomed, you hang on every word. As an old prescribed fire hand, it seems I would hear about Mann Gulch at every training I attended.

Dan Trabue

I'm a huge fan of Maclean's A River Runs Through It and had never seen any other books by him (although, I've not pursued it either). I'll have to check this Young Men and Fire book out.

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