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July 19, 2006



Our friend Theo has many talents, surfing through adversity among them.

I'm at Windrock this week with the little people, giving their Mom a break and enjoying the sea breeze while the inland swelters. We are going whale watching off P-Town tomorrow. Glad you got down to the Jersey shore this week.

Charlie Crystle

For me it was the whale down at the shore, which hung out for 4 days about 200 yards out, feeding on baitfish. That and the shark I saw in the waves at Stinson Beach when theo and I were surfing. Probably 14 feet (I was on a 10-foot board), great white. I got out of the water, Theo ignored it and kept surfing. Successfully, as you might guess.

Al Mollitor

I haven't seen a moose in years. It must be time to get up north. Even though I see them just about every week, I still get a kick out of seeing deer. There's something thrilling about seeing such large animals running free. I wonder, though. As these ungulate populations grow near developed areas, I'm sure we won't allow natural predators to follow. Things like lyme disease, car/animal collisions and garden/landscape damage may become big issues.


How marvelous to see a living Opossum, given their nocturnal habits how frequently they are found dead on the roadside. Possums have more teeth than any other north American mammal - 50 - and live only a few years. Thanks for posting the comment, Genevieve!


I can imagine that it would be very exciting to see a moose, an elephant, or any large animal out in the wild.

Myself, I even get excited over possums and such. I was out in the yard after dark a few nights ago, talking on my cell phone in the only place I could get some service bars, when suddenly a little white possum ambled by less than 2 yards from me.

I made some exclamations of surprise which frightened the possum and he hid in a forsythia bush. I suppose he's accustomed to the sound of human voices around the house, and not being too bright, he thought I was just a tree trunk.

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