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June 17, 2006



Amusing indeed, omuholike. Of course, a dryad such as yourself would appreciate what the Greenman was up to with our brown-eyed elf child. Thanks for reading what keeps me up at all hours of the night in the flickering light of the computer screen. I promise to get some rest.

Viv LaBerge

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I was trying to figure out why you had taken that poor sick child outdoors when she should have been resting. Now I understand: you were applying natural medicines . . .
Hey, when I was trying to find this posting, I googled "greenman" and came across someone else's blog by that name. The most recent posting was his amazement that "Mrs. Greenman" had actually deigned to read his blog at last . . . Rather amusing that your experiences should coincide.


Thanks, Deb and Endment, for your well wishes. My little girl is much improved after beginning a month of antibiotics. She seemed so pathetic and fragile in her fever and an evening in the night wind with fireflies did us both worlds of good.


Delightful telling of this tale :) I will enjoy the fireflies even more!
I haven't had lyme disease but friends and neighbors have gone through the suffering - I wish your daughter a speedy recovery and send lots of sympathy


Sorry to hear about the Lyme disease. Everyone in my family except my youngest has been through it; we're in a high risk area. Here's hoping the antibiotics do their job!

We have a few fireflies, in fact I'm seeing them right now out the window, but they must be a lot more plentiful there.

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