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June 09, 2006



Pam, thanks so much for sharing these memories. I moved your comment here from my old URL where you just posted it :-)

Pam in Tuscon

Tim - This is a fascinating post. The wonderful description of ocean phosphorescence describes my own experiences of it during trans-Atlantic journeys as a teenager - wish I could put words together as eloquently. I was interested in the Litchfield Hills origin of your family. We lived in Fairfield County (Wilton) for the year before we came out to Tucson. Our older son was born in Norwalk. Three years prior, before we went to grad. school in the UK, we lived in an apt. above a stable in Ridgefield, close to a small abandoned pegmatite mine which we would explore on weekend walks. We put off moving to the UK for a year, just so that we could experience a full cycle of seasons looking out of our window across the fields to the woods and the pond beyond - the most beautiful place I've ever lived and one I greatly miss.


Dear Jackie: Thanks very much for your kind comments. I provide genealogical stuff there from time to time - tonight I'm working on the suffragist in our closet - and have extensive material on Olmsteds from Ridgefield CT and the diaspora of one branch to Philadelphia, Canada and beyond.

Here is the obituary, in full, of Esther Ingersoll Olmsted, which was pasted into an old volume of Connecticut history by her grandson, Anthony Isaacs Olmsted of Philadelphia:

"Died this morning, 14th instant, Mrs. Esther Olmsted, in the eighty-seventh year of her age. Her friends and those of the family are invited to attend the funeral to-morrow, (Friday 3 o'clock p.m.) from the residence of her son-in-law, the Rev. Thos. Eustace.

Thus has passed away to her eternal rest one who had travelled far beyond the limits ordinarily assigned to man's earthly pilgrimage, and who, with scarecly an intermission, preserved her mental energies to the last.

She was born in the year A.D. 1760 in Ridgefield, Conn., of which place her father, Rev. Johnathan Ingersoll, was the Presbyterian Pastor, during nearly the whole period of his ministerial life, which was a long one. During the Revolutionary War she was, at an early age, married to Ebenezer Olmstead, who served his country from the first breaking out of the war, and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Connecticut Line. Her brother was elevated to the station of Lieutenant Governor of his native state, at a time when such promotion confered real honor on the individual. The tidings of her departure will convey a pang to the heart of many a beloved relative and friend, and to a numerous and respectable train of direct descendants in various portions of the country.

It will be soothing to know that all the best medical skill and the most assiduous care could do, was done to prolong her stay, but the hour had come, and after many a long year having walked with her Saviourr (sic) on earth, by a consistent profession, she quietly resigned her spirit into His hands and passed upward to her mansion in the skies."

Her husband Ebenezer was in fact a Lieutenant in the 5th Conn. Continentals, not Lieutenant Colonel, but the obituary is otherwise consistent with the facts of her life as I understand them. She lived in MO with her daughter Fanny Olmsted Eustace.

From your comment I fear perhaps this is not the Esther Olmsted you were seeking, but thought you might be interested in the obituary.

Jackie Whitworth

This is the first time I have seen your site and I was very impressed.

I was searching for an ancestor of mine Esther Olmsted. I had always worried that in dying here in St. Louis MO. Maybe her family didnot know what had happened and she lies in a lonely grave here. This was at the time of the cholera epidemic. So when i read an obituary was found tucked in the back of a volume owned by the family, I thought it was an answer to my quest.

Thanks .....


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