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March 13, 2006



I saw what a Mountain Lion in Sutton MA around midnight a few months ago...every one is telling me I am crazy. I know what I saw and I looked it up on line to confirm and I am 100% positive it was a mountain lion. It was blonde HUGE and had a long tail! Amazing and scary!


I live in Merrimac, MA, and at 7:45 this morning, I believe I saw a mountain lion in the back near the brooke/woods line. Called Police, and was very glad they found nothing, as the office was going to shoot it if he did! It was gold, long tail, and if it was a domestic cat, it was HUGE!
Has anyone else seen this animal?

Jan Greer

I was driving on my road about 9:30 at night and this young cougar about 30-50 lbs. ran out to cross the road, it was tan with dark edging short hair with curled back ears, I was amazed to see this panther which I had seen on several occasions growing up in rural central Texas running like a wild animal like a leopard. What was it doing in a neighborhood with people living close by? This was a lion type creature not a bobcat with longer hair and pointy ears it was sleek with rounded ears.


I live in Old Chatham in northeast Columbia County. Just about an hour ago, I was sitting on my porch while talking on the phone when an animal came crashing through the bushes on the other side of my stream, some 35-40 feet away. At first, I thought it was a deer but when it stood still and I focused, I said to my friend on the phone, "OH MY GOD, it's a mountain lion!" To which she replied, "Get out! You sure it isn't a deer?"
there was no mistaking it because it stood there and stared at me, intensely, showing it's long body off. My dog was curled in a bed next to me and for the first time, I thought, his diminished hearing is useful. The big cat continued to stare for about a full minute (a long time) before jumping down from the stone wall and back into the woods. Incredible!!


I live in the lower part of Dutchess County near Whaley Lake, at an altitude of 1000ft. I have seen (if I am closer than 100 feet I consider it an 'encounter'), the elusive Bobcat on 2 occasions(once he or she flushed out a family of white tails into my yard, he came up empty handed), they spend little time hanging around. Another late night I had to stop the car to let a Black Bear cross the road in front of me 12:30AM, she also came on my deck and ate my birdseed.
The sighting (at around 8:30am) of a Catamount, was the most enjoyable. At first I thought oh a Bobcat...but then I said wow "tan in color, larger than a medium sized dog,hmmm then as he emerged from the brush, I noted the tail..no bob...long and curled...I thought to myself "this is a once in a lifetime event",I mean what are the chances of me getting into my car looking out (60 feet)at the exact moment it cautiously came out of the woods through some tall grass...it looked at me then adeptly scaled the 80 foot rock face next to the house. I have watched buzzards court, scarlet tanangers play, hawks kill snakes and grasshoppers, foxes sneek by(eyeing my rabits no doubt),coyotes on the hunt, all from a window that views the the flat open ground between me and the hill...I am sure the animals are wondering...hey why'd this idiot put his funny lookin shelter right in the middle of our hunting ground.

N.A. Gleixner

My companion and I spotted a large, dark colored cat in Great Barrington, near the local brewery at the edge of a big field around dusk. Way off in the distance, there was a lone deer keeping an eye on the cat. At one point the cat looked up at us and we saw the shine of yellow eyes for a quick second. We left not long after that.

RA Jones

Twice recently I have seen a big cat in Taghkanic in Columbia County. First sighting was in mid summer. It was walking through dense brush along the lake. The second sighting was August 29, 2008 near same location but this time I was alerted to its presence by the insanely loud racket made by a bunch of crows. There it was trotting across the lawn and into the dense brush. I was about 1/4 mile away with binoculars. So clearly saw it was a cat even without the binoculars. I am not certain exactly what kind of cat it is but it is not a bobcat. It is tawny and the tail curls up with a bit of white on it. I am so curious to know what it is.

M. Chamlin

In June of 2006 my wife and I observed a cougar--perhaps 70 lbs.--stalking a rabbit within 15 yards of our home in Columbia County, NY. We were indoors and could see everything very clearly through the window. It was unmistakably a cougar and not a linx or bobcat. It's behavior was classic "lion" in the way it stalked, ran and struck at the rabbit with its paw. The rabbit escaped in the dense underbrush. Some neigbors confirm occaisional sightings of these cats. Others, even those who spend a great deal of time outdoors, have never seen one.


i saw two baby cougars last night in lenox mass. it was about 11:40pm and i was driving down a private drive and my high beams froze some deer......then a few seconds later these two adorable baby mountain lions went bouncing awkwardly down the driveway, across rt 7A and into some thick cover on the other side. i looked around for the mother cat for a few minutes but didn't see her. it was pretty damn cool. and NO they were not bobcats or golden retrievers or anything of the like. an adult lion was spotted in the same area by some construction workers several months earlier.

Robin Keohane

I have enjoyed this site. Back in the winter of 2001 I was at our family home in New Brunswik, Canada along the St Johns river. My mother and I were driving back from Fredricton at about 11pm, it was a cool -30 degrees out and the Trans Canada was abit more desolate than usual. I noticed a large tawny brown object approaching the road to cross out of the corner of my eye and immediately slowed to allow what I thought was a deer. My brights were on and my mom said that's no deer. I was shocked to my surprise to see this beautiful majestic animal swaggering along. He looked toward the car did not pick up pace and kept walking toward the river for some unfrozen water by the hydro. To see this animal in the wild was a privilege.

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